Galveston, Texas ~ Ashton's Villa

    Ashton's Villa is a beautiful piece of history in Galveston, Texas. Built in 1859 by slaves, this home was the site that the Proclamation of Freedom for Slaves was read to the Republic of Texas June 19th, 1865. We were able to witness the reenactment on June 19th, 2017. This was a spectacular appreciation for the date and symbolism for blacks in America. After watching the presentations, we were greeted with a prayer breakfast. Later that week, we were given a private tour within the home. It had a Grand Ballroom, Stable House, Beautiful Antiques, and a third story. This home survived the 1900 Hurricane and was partially buried. Families still make the pilgrimage to the island to celebrate Juneteenth with Parades, Events, a Crawfish Festival, and more. 

    During our tour we stepped out on the balcony where the Proclamation was read to the masses. A big thank you to the Historical Foundation of Galveston for all of there hospitality and information during our tours. 

Reuben LeviComment